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Orthodontic Emergencies

Life can get messy and accidents happen. If you do happen to have an orthodontic emergency in Las Vegas, don’t panic. Read through the information below to get answers to your questions or concerns.

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Tips for Quick Relief

Of course we want you to be careful with your braces and take care of them, but let’s face it, life can get messy and accidents happen. If you do happen to have an orthodontic emergency in Las Vegas, the first thing you may do is panic. You shouldn’t, but it’s normal. Instead of panicking, read through the list below to get answers to your questions or concerns. If these tips don’t provide the answers or relief you need, just give us a call. We are here to help!

Loose Brackets or Bands

Brackets or bands can come loose if you eat something tough, sticky or hard. If you discover a problem, call us and we’ll help you determine how soon you need to come and see us to have it resolved.
When you first get your braces, we will give you some dental wax. You can put a small piece of this wax over a loose bracket or a poking wire for instant relief. If a band falls off, save it and bring it into the office.

Poking Wires or Wire Irritations

Sometimes you may break a wire or one may come loose. If the broken wire causes discomfort, there are a few things you can do while you’re waiting to come see us for the repair:

  • Try putting some dental wax over the wire to keep it from poking your gums or cheeks.
  • You can also try to gently push the wire back into place with a pencil eraser or cotton swab.
  • You may want to try cutting the wire. Call our office before you try it! It may seem like the perfect fix, but those wires are easy to swallow. We may want you to wait for your appointment.

Piece of Appliance is Swallowed

This is rare but when it does happen, it can be alarming. Remain calm. If you’re coughing excessively or having difficulty breathing, the piece could have been aspirated. If you’re able to see the piece, you may carefully attempt to remove it. Do not attempt if you could cause harm.

If appropriate under the circumstances, examine the braces for problems that may result from the missing piece, such as looseness or irritation and treat as specified above.

If you are unable to see the piece and believe may have been aspirated, notify the orthodontist immediately.

Lost Separators

You’re brushing your teeth. You look in the mirror and … a separator is gone! It’s okay, it happens now and then. Usually, it just means it’s time to get a new band, so call us to set up an appointment.

Discomfort With Braces and Orthodontic Treatments

Your teeth hurt, your jaw is tender, and your lips and cheeks just can’t take it anymore! The first few days with braces — and after the adjustments — can be tough and all that hardware takes a little getting used to. Here’s what to do:

  • Try taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen to help with the pain.
  • Place dental wax on your braces to keep them from rubbing against your lips and cheeks.
  • Mix a little salt in with warm water and gently rinse your mouth.
  • Hold a warm washcloth or heating pad against your jaw.
  • Check your menu. Soft foods put less stress on your teeth, and that means less pain for you. And it’s okay to treat yourself with a little ice cream. It’s soft, it’s cool, and besides, it’s always time for ice cream.

Mouth Sores

Some patients are susceptible to mouth sores on their cheeks, lips, or tongue. While braces do not cause them, they may be exacerbated by an irritation from braces. This is not an emergency, but it may be uncomfortable. To relieve the discomfort, apply a small amount of topical anesthetic such as Orajel directly to the ulcerated surface using a cotton swab.

Food Caught Between Teeth

This is not an emergency, but it can be a little uncomfortable or embarrassing. It can be easily fixed with a piece of dental floss. Try tying a small knot in the middle of the floss to help remove the food, or use an interproximal brush or toothpick to dislodge food caught between the teeth and braces.

What Is a Serious Emergency?

  • Some orthodontic situations are more serious than others and should be treated as such. Call our office immediately if any of the following have occurred:
  • An injury or trauma to the face, mouth, or teeth
  • Swelling or infection of the face, mouth, or gums
  • Severe pain in the face, mouth, gums, or teeth

If you are experiencing any of these situations or symptoms, please seek help at Las Vegas Braces. If you cannot reach us, you can also seek care in the emergency room of the hospital.

How It Works

1. Getting to Know You

Your initial visit to Las Vegas Braces is the first step toward your ideal smile. We understand that choosing orthodontic care is significant. During your first visit, our orthodontists use diagnostic records, including photos and X-rays, to create a customized treatment plan. These records also track your progress as your teeth shift, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your needs and goals.

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2. Custom Treatment Plan

We’ve invested in the latest orthodontic technology to provide each patient with a customized treatment plan that’s perfect for their specific goals and budget. If you’re a good candidate for braces, our team can help you get started with Same-Day Braces! We save our patients money and time! No matter your age, we can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted with treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible.

3. Your New Smile

Our friendly Treatment Coordinators will ensure you understand your financing options and insurance benefits. We offer simple financing with payments as low as $149 a month for braces or Invisalign® with no credit check. If you have dental or orthodontic insurance, we’ll happily assist you in applying your benefits, and the price becomes even better! We accept Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental®, Guardian, and many more insurance plans to make braces in Las Vegas affordable.

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