Getting Braces

Braces are something that a lot of people have to get. The people who have to get braces, are not specific. People from all races, genders, and ages get braces.


The main purpose of braces is to fix a bad bite. If you have a perfect bite, then your teeth fit together perfectly. When this happens, your top teeth will slightly overlap the bottom teeth. There are a lot of people who do not have a perfect smile. With an imperfect smile, people can feel badly about themselves. Misaligned teeth are unattractive, physically and emotionally painful, and cause problems when speaking or chewing. If you suffer from any of these, then you would need to have braces to correct the problem.


Most of the time, bad bites are inherited. Some people get bad bites because they would suck on their thumbs or fingers. One thing for sure is that no two bites are the same.  Braces are something that will correct bad bites. For children, they can see an orthodontist around age seven. By this time, there is enough adult teeth in the child’s mouth that the orthodontist can see if there are any problems with your teeth.


Some children can qualify for early treatment, but some are not. Some people need to wait until they have all of their adult teeth before they should have braces. If you think that your child would be a good candidate for braces, then you should take them to an orthodontist to see if they agree, or to see when they believe would be the best time for them to have braces.


Braces are a great option for many different people. Wires are used to move teeth into the accurate spots. Traditional metal braces are used most often, but there are other options for people who do not want the braces to be as noticeable.


There are many different types of appliances that your orthodontist can use, braces only being one of them. Some appliances used are headgear and rubber bands. No matter what type of appliance your orthodontist gives you, it is important that you follow their directions as to how to use the appliances.


There are two main components involved with orthodontic treatment: pressure and time. Braces are used over a period of time, sometimes lasting 2-3 years.


The time that you have braces on, it is not always going to be easy. When you first get your braces on, as well as when your braces get adjusted, you may experience discomfort and pain. In order to get rid of the pain, you can take over-the-counter pain medication.


Once you get your braces off, then you are probably going to be given a retainer. The retainer may need to be worn all the time at first. After a little while, your orthodontist may tell you that you can wear it at night only. It is important that you wear your retainer, because if you do not, your teeth can shift back, undoing all of the work that you have just had done.

The process of making your teeth straight is a journey. The end result, however, is something that is great. Once you have your braces off you will feel a lot better about your appearance. Many people find that they smile a lot more.

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