Care Practices for Invisalign Braces

Your Orthodontist here at Griffith & Simister in Las Vegas know that the world of Orthodontic treatment changed in 1997, when the creators of invisible braces, Zia Chishti, Kelsey Wirth, and investor Robertson Stephens introduced this new technology to the world. Patients who dreaded the thought of braces had a new hope, and fears of aesthetically looking like Metal mouth Mary, or Iron tooth Timmy were shattered. What is important to remember is that your Invisalign Braces are taking care of you, and you have to take care of them, so here are a few simple practices that should be incorporated in your daily oral care. It is up to you to make sure your Invisalign Braces are well taken care of, so they can serve their maximum purpose for those precious  Incisors, Canines, Molars and Pre- Molars, also known as, teeth.

The Invisalign Cleaning System and Toothbrush is Your First Line of Protection

The Invisalign Cleaning System and toothbrush is your first line of protection, just like before you had your Braces, the toothbrush is your oral body guard and your teeth’s best friend. The aligners, as you know are, removable, so follow these steps in your morning and evening oral care procedures:

  1. Remove your aligners from bottom molars first, then top.
  2. Brush, floss, and rinse your teeth with mouthwash as normal.
  3. While aligners are removed brush and rinse them with lukewarm water. Remember the Invisalign Cleaning system should most definitely be used along with brushing. Additionally while you are eating you aligners can be soaked in denture cleaning solution.

Don’t Forget to Remove your Aligners When Eating and Drinking

In the days of yesteryears you had to be select about what you ate if you were a metal mouth, but with Invisalign you can, “still get your eat on”. Just keep these things in mind:

  1. Don’t forget to remove you your Aligners, and remember bottom first.
  2. Always store your aligners in their case, never wrapped up in a make shift storage contraption.
  3. You can drink with them in, but if you are drinking tea, coffee, or other dark liquids always try to use a straw.
  4. If possible brush and rinse before re-inserting your Invisaligns

Griffith Simister Orthodontics is a Certified Invisalign Elite Premier Provider. We are recognized as one of the top Invisalign Practices in the Las Vegas, what gives us this badge is the satisfaction, happiness, and well-being of you our patients. But with all our training, and skills, it is still up to you to properly care for your teeth, and your Invisaligns. Depending on your condition and age you, and your Invisaligns, will be mouth mates for the next 12 months average, and should be worn for 18-20 hours a day, unless otherwise instructed, make the best of this time and take care of each other, and before you know it you will be all smiles. If you are looking for affordable Invisalign braces in Las Vegas, contact our office for a consultation today.